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For the Girls, Gays, Theys & Babes who love to RAVE and want to feel the BASS

Bass n Babes Queer LGBTQ Rave Party

Beats n Babes is workshop series for femme and queer DJs to learn new DJ skills and connect with other artists in a no-pressure, stress-free environment.  

All experience levels welcome. 


Beats n Babes DJ Workshop 

Playlist featuring original music

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alien | space | rave

Bass n Babes is a collective with the mission of creating queer spaces within the EDM community and uplifting queer and other underrepresented DJs and music producers.Our ultimate goal is to build the feminine and queer presence in the bass music scene.

alien | space | rave

Bass n Babes is not just an event, it's a vibrant tapestry of unity, acceptance and euphoria that leaves a lasting impression on every soul fortunate enough to experience it.


LA-based DJ and music producer Baby Kush is the creative visionary behind Bass n Babes.  Baby Kush found her way to music through the love of the rave. Immersed in a landscape of connection and self-discovery, she seeks to create a culture of love, acceptance, and community through music.

Noticing the lack of queer and femme representation in the bass music scene, Baby Kush started Bass n Babes to create an inclusive, safe space for queer, femme, nonbinary, and LGBTQ ravers and artists. She aims to empower and uplift the vast creativity within the queer EDM community. A pioneer of the unconventional, rooted in the truth that the music scene thrives with diversity, Baby Kush embraces the queer and feminine and strives to create a larger platform for the untapped talent of the bass music scene. 

Pirate Studio DJ
Pirate Studio DJ

Use code "BABYKUSH" for a discount on your first booking


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